Every person that makes use of the services of Nitaya Thai Massage agrees with our general conditions.

  1. The services that will be offered by Nitaya Thai Massage is only ment for physical and mental relaxation.
  2. Nitaya Thai Massage offers no medical massages or treatments. For medical services we advise the customer to visit their doctor or specialist to advise them. In case of pregnancy we advise you first to let you advise by the midwife or doctor. Customer will always be responsible for informing Nitaya Thai Massage for any information that concerns their medical health and state. This information must be given before any treatment starts
  3. Customer makes out of free will use of the services of Nitaya Thai Massage and for that we can not be responsible for any damage that will occure from the services of our treatment that we offer.
  4. Nitaya Thai Massage will not offer any erotic services. Any request or suggestion during a treatment will not be apreciated and the treatment will be stopped instantly. 
  5. We kindly ask you to keep concern of other customers that enjoy their treatment. Be so kind to put of your mobile phone or put it in silent and talk with a soft voice.
  6. All services need tob e pay directly after the service is finished. Payment by card will also be possible
  7. Nitaya Thai Massage keeps the right, without any explination, to refuse a treatment.
  8. We expect customers to be clean and sober and well manored. In case of any other situation a treatment can be refused.
  9. Cancelling an appointment must be at least 24 hours before the agreed time. This can be done by call or email. After this deadline costs can be charged of the reserved treatment.
  10. Nitaya Thai Massage will be not responsible for damage, theft or loss of properties and accidents in or around the location of the treatments.
  11. Nitaya Thai Massage will not be responsible when agreements and other obligation can not be fullfilled by force majeure. Under force majeure will be considered any cause or situation that under reasonable circumstances can be taken as the risk for Nitaya Thai Massage. Therefor Nitaya Thai Massage has the right in case of force majeure to cancel or delay an appointment. In none of these circumstances Nitaya Thai Massage is oblied to pay any fine or compensation.
  12. Customer is expected to be in time for the agreed appointment. Missed time because of delay will not be compensated.
  13. Vouchers must be hand over before a treatment starts and can not be used after a treatment. In case of an appointment will be instantly mentioned that the client will make use of a voucher. 
  14. Every voucher has an expire date that will be mentioned on the voucher. If not the voucher is valid maximum one year afte rit is given by Nitaya Thai Massage. 
  15. The value of a voucher must be used in full value and can not be used for exchange into money. The vouchers must be handover without damage that makes it doubtfull that the voucher is original. Vouchers are only valid if they have an original signature of an employee of Nitaya Thai Massage and valid number and date. 
  16. Reproduction of a voucher is forbidden. Selling will only be provided by Nitaya Thai Massage. Every other situation will be considerd as fraude and/or theft and will be mentioned at the police. 
  17. Per treatment can only be used one single voucher. It is not allowed to use more than one voucher together for a treatment. 
  18. In case of any complaint off the treatment must be mentioned during or diretly after the treatment tot he employee of Nitaya Thai Massage. Together with the client we will try to find a suitable solution. In case we do not manage to find a solution the client can make a complaint by letter within 2 weeks and send it. Complaint can never give a higher compensation than the paid price for a certain treatment.
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